Welcome to Buddha Wisdom! We are a Swedish association for Buddhism online. We created our own WordPress plugin that gives you a daily inspirational quote from the Buddha.

Buddhawisdom.se is the brainchild of Rigmor Hansson, which came to light in 1990, following an ever-growing tradition of Buddhism in Sweden. With the backup aid of the National Buddhist Center of Scandinavia, VeraJohn, and the West Coast Bank of Sweden, this project has become a reality. Currently, there are 10 active members and growing fast. However, to see how far Buddhawisdom.se has come, it’s appropriate to trace a historical line through the development of Buddhism in Sweden. Buddha Wisdom was started in 1990 by Rigmor Hansson in Sweden. Today we have 10 members, running courses in buddhism, and recently we made our first and own Buddha Wisdom plugin

Our main sponsors are the National Buddhist Center of Scandinavia, VeraJohn and the West Coast Bank of Sweden. Thank’s for helping us running the business and spreading the words of Buddha in Sweden and online.

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